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The representation of the camel and leaves. “Olives leaves means peace. Camel meaning becomes important in our lives when we are dealing with a long journey ahead of us".


Yohanna's musical mission extends beyond mere entertainment; she is a catalyst for inspiration and motivation, urging others to embrace purpose-driven lives through the rhythmic vibrations of her art. With a knack for crafting potent and uplifting messages, she has graced stages around the globe, leaving her mark in iconic cities such as Dubai, Amsterdam, Paris, Asmara, and London.

Emerging from the vibrant city of Seattle, Yohanna E. is etching her narrative onto the canvas of the music industry, a rising star whose melodies weave tales not only of her own journey, but also echo the diverse stories of many. As an Eritrean American, Yohanna passionately contributes to the dynamic tapestry of our ever-evolving society, infusing her lyrics with the richness of her cultural heritage, offering a unique perspective that transcends boundaries.


Undeterred by conventions, Yohanna E. is a force to be reckoned with – driven, accomplished, and unbounded by the limits imposed by the status quo. In addition to her contributions to the music scene, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Affairs and Communication, a testament to her multifaceted prowess.

Keep an eye on the horizon for Yohanna E., a rising luminary poised to commandeer the music scene wherever her artistic journey takes her.

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